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fered his hand and went return to the dance floor. The song ended and began a slow song that came and danced to the music. Whenever I can say, if a man is how he was dancing and this guy n , obviously, turn it on. I saw his hand streamsex moved around the ass does not have anything against Lynn, and watched as she squeezed her pussy n in the thigh. The man began to caress her ass, while pulled the skirt to the top seeding are n to display. After a little dance, he returned to the bar and Lynn once again sat on his stool. The man approached her and put his hand on her knee, smiled and uncrossed his legs Lynn s, and noted that while his hand moved slowly up and down your knees each time one is litTLE higher, until his hand in his skirt. Lynn does not seem to streamsex object so I kept stroking his thighs. Lynn saw his face as he spoke to her and stroked thigh. I watched as Lynn, the right hand up and slowly undid another button of her blouse, now under his undoing tits. It was obvious he could see her tits, when you have to find problems. Then his hand was on her lap, and watched as she opened another button of her skirt. The exchange rate was also under her skirt, and he approached, her pubic hair hair, Lynn took her hand in her lap, and noted that emphasis has been placed in hand on the bulge in his pants. The guy looked over his shoulder and nodded toward the bathroom, Lynn smiled and nodded. The man put his hand under the back Rock, drink your drink and kissed her streamsex gently on the lips, so that from the direction of services. went to the bar and orders a drink, I went to Lynn asked what wHow this happens. Lynn said: " He's been playing with my pussy hair and look at my tits, has been toilets and wants me to join him in the fucking middle cabin ". He said, " And you're going. " Lynn said : "Of course it is has a big cock, it feels great in your pants I'm sure you want to show a big cock. " I said, " But in the Lords, someone could hear. " Lynn smiled and said, " Yes This is the fun of it, why do not you 'll be in one of the cabins n listen, you know, hey I want to be fucked. " streamsex I looked down at the turn of Lynn streamsex and her pussy hair was straight and thought what the heck, why not. went to the bathroom followed by knights Lynn. In the bathrooms There were three rooms, so I went to the bathroom and shut the measure the door. I turned around and saw a hole in the wall between the n and the cabin next door in the middle. I looked and saw it through Lynn is close to the type of sound that came from there, were, of course, kissing, and definitely not the kind given to her grandmother. Vi, who has had his hand in the Lynns left leg, which slowly lifted the hem, so that I could see, of its upper and middle part of her bare thighs, then moved his hand a \\ \\ n rubbing her pussy her pussy. I've heard, Lynn, and groan massaging her pussy. I heard a postcard streamsex to go slowly, and that man, " Come on baby, take my cock, wrap your hands around it. " Lynn began to moan as the man 's fingers worked with Lynn pussy. I saw that she moved her legs so that man, that streamsex his name was Alec, was able to finger her pussy deep. Lynn complained: "O If Alec also finger my pussy warm, deeply felt. " That sounds coming from next door is very good and suddenly I clear that my cock was bursting, I have my cock s and slowly masturbated watching my wife take dog strange pussy of his hand. While looking through the hole that saw Lynn blouse fell to the ground and heard, said Lynn,. " Suck my tits, sucking my nipples, you randy bastard, does, fuck me, I need your cock in my pussy," Alec said to her: " Turn around and bend over for me cock can reach her ​​hot hole. " I saw Lynn turned and bent over her, then Alec groaned as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down his the lips and ass. Alec makes his cock in my wife and hold her hips, she moved in which he was complaining all the time
Quotes Lynn and said, "Yes, please do it, fuck me, cum in my pussy, fuck me deep stream, its cream in the stomach, oh yes. " Alec said, " You're not a fucking hot streamsex fuck that likes strangers, my husband does not see how screwed, who likes to watch her ​​pussy full of another mans the meat and fills his semen hey bitch. " Lynn said that " Yes, just do it, he is at home waiting for my hot pussy, now I'm fucked. " I watched as his cock rammed hard Alec Lynn and she screamed in ecstasy. Alec Lynn said, "Hey, we have coDoes your company gives a hard cock in this hole, you take it in hand to a straw man. "I saw his left hand moved Lynn his knee and moved to the tail, which was at the start hole in streamsex the other side of the cabin I heard moaning Lynn. " God s is black and is very very big and hard. "Alec pulled his tail y said," Turn around Lynn, a backup for the black s cock, takes it in her hot hole, fuck you the juicy wet idiot " \\ \\ n I found Lynn has made an ass and cock resting against the protruding black hole otherwise came around and the tail was between streamsex her lips and moaned as she relaxed re- the tail. Lynn looked up and. I looked n through the hole, she winked and smiled to moan of desire s, as she slowly took all her pussy cock Alec moved \\ \\ n on its side and slid his cock against her face and said, "Suck my ​​dick bitch, suck. " Lynn put his head on one side and I saw his tongueteased the tip of its tail, then it is disappeared was facilitated his lips on the end and slowly moved his mouth on his axis and two-thirds of his cock into her mouth. streamsex Alec grabbed his head and began to take the mouth of the cock in her pussy and began to attack outside their n ass. Lynn was really moaning and saw Alec called streamsex cast of his mouth and shot his cum on her tits. Now Lynn had no dick in her mouth actually complained was the pounding of her pussy black cock behind her. My own cock throbbed with the erotic gaze next door. I only to shoot my load when Alec said streamsex Lynn, a little, as he did, he moved around and walked out the door to open y streamsex said, " See you at the bar when you finished shit. "Alec complained then left the bathroom and Lynn, since the point through the hole in the wall hit the pussy, the type growled and then shot his load inside it. Lynn was avi slip d the tail of his hairy hole and pull it through the hole, stood there, his courage rose above the legs and the top half. Lynn leaned over and blew her blouse back a kiss and said, "See you at home after a drive Alec n ". Lynn left the Ghent remains the blouse, the boys smiled urine decreased in the club , I followed her. When I returned to the bar, streamsex who starred with Alec, who confessed the hand of his s skirt to feel her wet pussy. I passed them, I have in my car driving home. It seemed hours before Lynn finally entered the house. She came up the stairs n to the room. Lynn said, "Well, it may seem like a bitch, I'm n as a bitch, well fuck that is only 3 taken during the has been created here is stupid idiot. " I came to your and put his hand to the legs and thighs of her pussy, she pussy hair was a mess, all sticky and wet, her pussy lipsfelt all swollen and fucked well. I said, "It feels damn hot. " Lynn opened her blouse for me her tits covered in love bites, said, " You should see my ass, took me there at least 4 sometimes it is flooded with his cum. "I had my hand out fuck her ass and felt his sperm oozing out of her ring. Lynn went to bed and knelt over me, grabbed my cock n and took her to her pussy as she fell from my shaft pussy was very hot and very humid. Lynn said: " Do you feel good, fuck I'd love that fills me with another mans sperm, only four cocks this night different get away with it in the drawer of my uterus and sowed the seeds in me, fuck me go. " awarded Lynn forward to kiss me, as he did, I shot my load in it, what a shit.


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My wife loves to dress sexy Lynn and then spend the night in a club or pub. It is normal to wear a short skirt or a skirt This can be undone in the front, she always wears stockings and high heels, but best of all, often go without No interior. This true story took place last year. We have been married for 31 years and 50, Lynn looks better now that when I was younger, it seems certain to win the men more than before. We have an active sex life, so that n much I love to flirt with Lynn and fuck other men. I can not control Lynn, who wants to set the tone and it does what it if they want to. We talked about our Friday night in the last 3 days, Lynn gave nothing was what I expected, she never n . I watched her shower and trim their pubic hair, they cut n with what does not look right, short or long, but natural and orderly. Lynn then began to dress. First, put a rubber band and black black stockings, high heels. See through then put on a blouse half of that anyone who looked only allowed to see her nipples and the n is a stone that crowned a few streamsex streamsex inches above the knee, but he buttoned the front, top it with a liberal touch Cinnabar perfume. Once in the car, opened the button of Lynn for the first time in his lap and said high " Dear tonight, if we get into the club, please write to before the parking, and follow me. " I said, " Why, what is The Game Plan". Lynn responded with these words : ". That feeling tonight kind as a poor joke " We often go over them in streamsex the languages ​​ a nightclub, but in the past, Lynn always insisted that n accompany sit in place and with it, so she felt safe, , but tonight, I wanted to play the game. that the car stopped just before the nightclub and Lynn gave me a deep kissing, rubbing the bulge in the front of my pants, she smiled and said : " When he comes, so I see tonight, maybe see somethingThey want ". This N Lynn opened the car door and went to the club. Over time, I would n parked the car and entered the club, Lynn sat on the bar and half your first drink. I went to the bar, bought a drink sat streamsex so that I can see Lynn. vi as n spread her legs. Lynn legs looked absolutely fabulous, only n is the slightest suggestion your legs in stockings and not the mean horrible. a couple of guys asked to dance, she has some n the other fell, I saw a man approach her and ask, no dance, Lynn empty his glass and said.. " Why not " approached the two the dance floor, and I saw my wife was dancing with such Lynn was interested, obviously, I can say that always, by the way she sees a boy. After streamsex a few dances with him, company n with my wife in the head back to the bar and ordered it n have a drink . Lynn has stopped sitting on her bar stool, I noticed his right hand to streamsex move her skirt, and whenfinally settled down, there are two buttons of her dress undone. is in chat now and then the guy ahead Lynn slim n and it was obvious that he tried to see her tits through blouse. found it very good, laughing and Lynn smile when one thing is streamsex guaranteed to get you on Lynn 's pussy, n is to have his grace. A few minutes later, said something Lynn to him, and he turned streamsex and pointed across the the club. Lynn rose from the stool, that he gave his admirer a s fast flash storage and covers her bare thighs, Lynn left for the ladies. Returns as Lynn, I realized that she canceled two buttons of her blouse so that her cleavage was visible, and is a button of her skirt, sat back in his bar stool and began to talk with the new guy. I decided to another drink and went to the counter in streamsex front of her, I looked his way, and she smiled and spoke again with kind. I looked on the skirt and I could clearly see her naked tapas leg above the average. If I could see his legs, so that could be her new boyfriend. When I sat at my table, asked the boy to dance again Lynn, , who believed that the man of